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Renting an RV in Texas

On June 29, 2020

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Looking for a convenient and safe way to take a much-needed vacation this summer? Ever considered renting an RV? RV campers, also known as motorhomes, are a great way to travel with all of the comforts of home. Traveling in an RV allows you to control your environment. You won’t have to worry about maintaining social distance and you’ll be able to choose when and where to stop along the way. If you enjoy the freedom of charting your journey, you’ll fit right in with the RV crowd. Keep reading as we walk through renting an RV in Texas.

Renting vs. Buying an RV in Texas

RV travel is arguably the best way to experience the sights and sounds of the gorgeous Texas Hill Country. Even though most RVers will tell you that buying an RV is the best decision they’ve ever made, purchasing an RV is a huge commitment. For those who aren’t ready to take the leap, renting an RV is an affordable way to enjoy the freedom of the open road without breaking the bank. Here are a few tips you should know about renting an RV!

In Texas, unless you plan to rent a HUGE rig, you do not need a special driver’s license to drive an RV. However, you will need to provide a valid driver’s license at the time of rental. They will also likely (and SHOULD) require proof of insurance unless it comes with the rental. Driving an RV can be a bit tricky, but most people get the hang of it quickly. Keep in mind that wind and weather conditions have more of an impact on an RV than a standard-sized vehicle. RV campers are very heavy! Be sure to maintain ample space between you and other vehicles just in case you have to hit the brakes. Also, given the size of the RV, you should allow yourself plenty of time to brake at traffic lights and stop signs. Read these Tips for Driving an RV for the First Time for more pointers.

Renting an RV – Deposits and Fees

There are a few different ways RV companies charge for rentals. Some RV rental companies charge a flat rate per day, while others charge per mile. You may even come across an RV rental company that charges a flat rate up to a certain mileage, and then an additional fee applies thereafter. When determining which RV rental company to use, make sure to consider these factors. By planning your exact route ahead of time, you’ll be able to find the fee structure that works best for you. Another reason we recommend nailing down your travel route before departing on an RV adventure is to allow planning for fuel costs. Most RVs average around 10 miles to the gallon, so you might have to fill up a few times before returning the RV to the rental facility.

Most RV rental companies will require a down payment/deposit that will likely be refunded at the end of your trip when you return the RV in good condition. Some RV rental companies may charge additional fees for the following:

  • Cleaning fee (if the unit is returned requiring deep cleaning)
  • Delivery fee, set-up, and pick-up service fee (if they deliver the RV to your campsite)
  • Generator rental (if no hook-ups)
  • Fees for septic sanitation services 

One thing is certain; this year has had its fair share of surprises and unforeseen challenges. With that being said, you deserve to take a breather! Nature has a beautiful way of calming nerves and re-setting the mind. When it comes to renting an RV in Texas, remember to map out your journey beforehand and plan accordingly for fees, gas, and deposits. With these tips, you’ll be sure to have an amazing summer RV vacation.

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