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Family-Friendly Adventures at Rio Guadalupe Resort: Splashing Fun on the Guadalupe River!

On June 29, 2023

Looking for a family-friendly vacation destination that combines adventure and relaxation? Look no further than Rio Guadalupe Resort in New Braunfels! This picturesque resort is well-known for its family-friendly atmosphere and convenient access to Guadalupe River fun. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the fantastic experiences available at Rio Guadalupe Resort, ensuring an unforgettable getaway filled with joy, laughter, and cherished memories for the whole family.


  1. Fishing Fun with the Experts: Calling all fishing enthusiasts! Rio Guadalupe Resort serves as a hub for connecting guests with their favorite fishing guides. Enjoy the convenience of launching fishing excursions directly from the resort’s banks. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a first-time fisherman, the expert guides will help you and your family create unforgettable memories as you reel in impressive catches from the Guadalupe River.
  2. Soak Up the Sun by the Resort Pool: Escape the scorching Texas heat and head to the resort’s refreshing swimming pool. Spend quality time with your loved ones, basking in the cool waters and making a splash. While the temperatures rise, take advantage of the poolside loungers to relax and soak up the sun. It’s the perfect spot for family members of all ages to unwind and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere.
  3. Wading Adventures in the Guadalupe River: Experience the delight of wading in the pristine waters of the Guadalupe River, right from the resort’s quarter-mile of river frontage. With a beach entry and a gentle current, it’s a safe and shallow area where even little kids can play without worry. The river’s limestone bottom adds to the charm, allowing the kiddos to see their feet as they splash and explore the fascinating underwater world.
  4. Savor Delicious BBQ and S’mores: What’s a family vacation without delicious treats? At Rio Guadalupe Resort, fire up the BBQ grills and prepare a mouthwatering feast for your loved ones. Cook up delicious barbecue delights and indulge in a true Texan culinary experience. As the evening unfolds, gather around the grills, toast marshmallows, and create delightful s’mores that will leave everyone craving for more.
  5. Live Music Extravaganza: For an evening filled with toe-tapping beats and infectious melodies, check out Rio Guadalupe Resort’s Facebook page. Stay up to date with their live music events featuring talented local artists. Let the rhythm guide your family’s footwork as you enjoy an evening of music, dancing, and creating memories to last a lifetime.


Rio Guadalupe Resort offers an incredible range of family-friendly adventures, from fishing excursions with expert guides to splashing fun in the shallow waters of the Guadalupe River. Enjoy the resort’s refreshing swimming pool, savor delicious BBQ and s’mores, and don’t miss the live music events for an evening of entertainment. Check out our Attractions page for more family-friendly activities near the Resort. Plan your family getaway at Rio Guadalupe Resort today and embark on a journey filled with laughter, relaxation, and unforgettable memories that will be cherished for years to come.



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