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We Asked Seasoned RVers for Travel Tips and Here’s What They Said

On May 27, 2021

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For first-time RVers, becoming oriented with your rig can be a challenge. Despite reading countless articles and watching hours of RV-related Youtube videos, many newbie RV owners still experience a steep learning curve. The best way to learn about RVing is to go RVing! That’s why we asked veteran RV owners to share their tips for new RV owners. Here’s what they had to say…

“The best way to learn about your RV is to use your RV! A lot!!! Ask for help when you need it. Your fellow RVers will gladly lend a hand when asked.”


“Enjoy the journey and don’t overthink it.”


“Practice camping at home before you hit the road.”


“Look for helpful videos on Youtube.”


“Try to learn how to fix things yourself.”


“Don’t buy new. You don’t need every gadget and gizmo known to man.”


“Keep a journal and make notes when you travel. Write down what you’ve learned, pros and cons for camping spots, etc.”


“Make a DIY jack pad by screwing together three 2 x 6 boards. This will save you from having to lower your jacks as far.”


“Go camping!”


“Do not rush, plan ahead of time, and most importantly, have fun even if it did not go perfect, because it will never will.”


“Don’t listen to the Debbie downers…go, learn stuff, have FUN!!”


“The first few times, pick a campground close to home. Makes it easier if you need to run home, to the store, etc.”


“Most seasoned campers are super nice people. If a neighbor looks like they know what they are doing, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help. Let them know you are new. It’s a great big beautiful world. Go see it!”


“We have bought both new and used RVs. They just don’t make them like they used to! I highly recommend performing a thorough inspection on any RV that you are considering purchasing. Whether you do it yourself, or you have somebody else take a look at your rig, make sure that it’s thoroughly checked out from top to bottom. Look for signs of water damage and check to see if there are any active leaks, as these can require costly repairs. Find an RV that suits YOUR needs and ignore the opinions of others. Go have fun! Enjoy the simple life and getting to know other people!”


“Just roll with it. Things are going to break. You will forget stuff. Most importantly, have fun!”


“A surge protector and water pressure regulator will be your good friends.”


“Don’t leave home without a surge protector or tire pressure monitor. Read RV blogs.”


“Do NOT fry bacon naked.”


“Have fun, drive safely, and know your limits. Most importantly, turn off all your cell phones and electronics when you arrive at your campsite. This is how real memories are made. You can turn on your devices when you leave. Love nature.”


“Make sure your canopy is rolled in all the way. Do a final walk around before driving off.”


“Check your tires often and learn as you go! You’ll do great! One more thing, always stay weather alert!”


“Find out which screw and bolt types/sizes are used throughout the RV. Make a tool kit with appropriate tools to fit each type so you’re never caught in a pinch.”


“KNOW YOUR CLEARANCES! Put your height/length/width on a card and keep them handy for quick reference by the driver. Height for overpasses, length for ferries, etc, width for ‘just in case.’ Your clearance card with your driver should be in metric and imperial if you cross over the US/Canada border.”


By now you should realize that seasoned RVers are fun-loving, adventurous, industrious rebels of the road. They grab life by the horns and are always willing to help a neighbor! Whether you are considering renting an RV, or plan to bite the bullet and purchase your very own rig, you are sure to be in great company. 

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