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Tips for Choosing a Dog-Friendly RV

On December 29, 2021

Any seasoned RVer will tell you that there is no such thing as a perfect rig. Even so, some RVs are simply better suited for traveling with dogs. We are not suggesting that you need to go out and buy an RV just for your dog. Instead, consider your dog’s needs when narrowing down your options. When everything is said and done, you and your pup will both be happy campers! Keep reading for our tips on choosing the best pet-friendly RV for your family.

Here’s What to Look for in a Pet-friendly RV…

Buying your first RV is a big commitment! It would be a huge disappointment to purchase a new rig only to later discover that it’s not a practical fit for your family and lifestyle. Consider the following when shopping for a pet-friendly RV:

• Pull-out campers and RVs are affordable and convenient, but you can’t drive down the road with the sides extended. Not to mention, some RV slips are just too narrow for bulky pop-outs. Your pup needs a place to rest while on the road or in tight camping spaces when pulling out the sides is not an option. This is why we recommend looking for a rig with comfortable sleeping quarters for you and your dog in the main cabin. 

• If you plan to leave your dog unattended in the camper from time to time, it may be wise to invest in an RV camper with a remote thermostat. Remote thermostats maximize comfort and safety by helping pet owners monitor temperatures while away from the RV. The heat sensor sends an alert if your dog is getting too hot or cold so you can return immediately to troubleshoot the issue. 

• Traveling with elderly or disabled dogs (or folks)? Look for an RV that rides a little bit lower so there are fewer steps to climb up when entering and exiting the rig.

• Does your dog like to sleep in the bed with you? If so, pick an RV with a bed that your pet can easily climb into, or consider purchasing a pet ramp. 

• Search for a pet-friendly RV with as little carpeting as possible to save yourself the hassle of cleaning the rug every time your dog steps in a little mud. 

• Pay attention to heat register placement. Buy an RV or travel trailer with sidewall versus floor vents to save your dog’s paws from getting caught. 

• The best RVs for traveling with dogs have special features such as built-in feeding stations, leash tie-downs, and pet beds. 

All it takes is a little careful planning to guarantee that you and your fur baby will have a great time on your next camping trip. With a plethora of options on the market, you’re sure to find the perfect pet-friendly RV for you and your pooch. Happy camping!

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