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RV Living: A Guide to Downsizing Your Life

On October 3, 2019

Downsize to RV - RV Parks in Texas

It’s no easy task to downsize from a full-sized home to an RV camper. Whether you’re fully committed to living the “RV Lifestyle” or traveling for the season, living in an RV can be an adventurous and liberating experience. Even so, it may take you a little while to get used to the tight quarters. Read the blog for tips on downsizing your life so you can hit the road.

RV living can be very rewarding if you take the right steps; eventually, you may even forget how your life was before you embarked on such journey. Living in an RV means you’ll spend less time and money maintaining your home. You’ll be able to enjoy spending extended time with your family and friends while visiting exciting new places.

You have to be organized.

If you want to keep your sanity throughout this process you’ll need to be organized. It’s better if you break down the process into manageable parts. Keep in mind how much space you will have available in your RV. Don’t tackle your house as a whole, but do it room by room instead.

The best way to approach it is if you divide everything into groups. For example:

  1. Household items
  2. Clothing and shoes
  3. Documents, papers and office items
  4. Tools and garage supplies

Tip: Be realistic, don’t keep things you will never use again. Decide what stays and what goes based on logic -not emotions.

When it comes to deciding what stays and what goes, if you let your emotions decide, you’ll run out of room quickly and end up taking a bunch of stuff you don’t need.  Instead, ask yourself the last time you used or wore said thing. The answer to that question will make it much easier to decide what’s worth taking and what will just take up space.

Consider the cost and consequences of long-term storage. Unless you’ve got a temperature and humidity-controlled place to store furniture, think twice about storing it. Furniture can easily become mildewed and damaged by mice or insects if stored for an extended time.

Photograph it, then give it away.

If you have some things that you love, take a photograph of it for a digital album before parting with it. You’ll have a memory without having to store it! Give heirlooms to family or special friends. Do consider giving your sentimental items to friends and family who will appreciate them. Be sure to include a little note with family heirlooms so that their history won’t be lost.

Into the RV.

If you have pets it’s imperative you keep their health records as well as proof of rabies vaccination for cats and dogs as you will need to show these at some campgrounds or if you cross the border into Canada or Mexico with your pets.

Keep all the right paperwork in hand: insurance policies, identification, passports and birth certificates.

Bank statements and tax returns can be kept electronically, this will not only help you stay organized but will help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Ready? Happy Trails to You!

While the whole process of downsizing may seem overwhelming, it will come together as you organize a segment at a time. Expect to feel a mixture of relief, and maybe a bit of regret as you see your things pared down to what will fit into your RV. Stay positive! There is a huge feeling of freedom and joy when you finally do hit the road.

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