Rio Raft

Rio Guadalupe Resort provides what most consider the best place for tubing or kayaking on the Guadalupe River below Canyon Lake.   For a fun and exciting 2 to 5 hour float trip starting at one of the two bridges at the Horseshoe on FM 306 ,  we offer several float choices. These are based according to the Guadalupe River flow, age of the group and choice of river equipment. You can choose to go tubing, rafting, kayaking, or fishing on the Guadalupe River. All rentals include shuttles upstream for a float back down the Guadalupe River to Rio Guadalupe Resort. Use the contact form on the side of the page to get started scheduling your dream Rio Guadalupe River Experience!


 raftDue to an extreme price increase for our river put-in locations, we must add an additional $3.00 per person access fee on all upstream rentals.This change in pricing will also include private equipment (overnight guests only).  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.